Global life expectancy is projected to increase by nearly 5 years by 2050

Global life expectancy is projected to increase by nearly 5 years by 2050

It's one of the best headlines of the year you might have missed. The average global life expectancy is forecasted to increase by nearly five years by 2050, from 73.6 years to 78.1 years, as the average global burden of disease continues to fall.

Global life expectancy to increase by nearly 5 years by 2050 despite geopolitical, metabolic, and environmental threats, reports new global study
The latest findings from the Global Burden of Disease Study (GBD) forecast that global life expectancy will increase by 4.9 years in males and 4.2 years in females between 2022 and 2050.

Ongoing reductions in cardiovascular diseases, respiratory infections, and tuberculosis, maternal and neonatal deaths, and child mortality rates are helping to continue to drive an overall positive trend in global life expectancy rates. Source: Forecasts of disease burden through 2050, IHME, May 16th, 2024

“There is immense opportunity ahead for us to influence the future of global health by getting ahead of these rising metabolic and dietary risk factors, particularly those related to behavioral and lifestyle factors like high blood sugar, high body mass index, and high blood pressure.”
“While health inequalities between the highest- and lowest-income regions will remain, the gaps are shrinking, with the biggest increases anticipated in sub-Saharan Africa.”

Root Source: Burden of disease scenarios for 204 countries and territories, 2022–2050, The Lancet, May 18th, 2024

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